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Floating Tent

Spend the night out on the water with the all new XC Floating Tent. A first of its kind inflatable, floating raft with a tent topper that allows you to sleep out on the water. Camp on your favorite farm pond, saltwater flat, spring creek or an eddy on your favorite river.

Features Include:

  • Outside to outside: 8'x8' footprint.

  • Standing room is up to 6'-3" in the middle.

  • The comfortable laying-down allowance is up to 6'-3". Taller than that you can rest your head on the tubes or sleep diagonally.

  • Shoal Tent packs down into a burrito roll style carry and storage bag approx. 60"x24"x18".

  • Kit comes with a Storage bag, patch kit, and manual foot pump.

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